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There isn’t any doubting that while we like the
many girls that come-out in past
, we can easily always use much more queer celebrities to fawn more than. Yes, Michelle Rodriguez and
K. Stew
are often a part of all of our dreams, but damn it, we want a lot more. What is even worse is a lot of those gay-appealing celebrities are usually in fact not. How often are we able to experience
? Apparently, plenty. So much so that we’ve put together a list of the all of our very preferred popular ladies who’ve power down our dreams by staying with their own direct weapons. That isn’t to state we can actually ever understand certainly whether these females may sooner or later alter their particular melody, but yet, these girls have all but confirmed their particular diminished curiosity about sapphic relationship.

Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney has already established some a

cult lesbian after

since the woman times as Lisa Miller on ”


,” and it’s unsurprising. Tierney happens to be smoking hot with a sultry sound on top of that. Sadly, though, Tierney has never been known to have any type of queer tendency, heading from a 13-year relationship with Billy Morrisette to, well, you never know? Tierney’s already been separated a while now but she helps to keep situations hush hush, but that doesn’t truly tell us something. For the time being, all we can perform is expect that she actually is recreating *that scene* from

“The Affair”

in her own actual and private life (incase you don’t understand what i am talking about, Google it—you’re pleasant!)

Tori Amos

Tori Amos has truly always exuded some significant queer intercourse appeal, but despite the woman highly gay-learning fan base, Amos by herself has not been considered to be gay at all herself. The singer-songwriter features in fact already been hitched (to one) because the later part of the 1990s, in addition they’ve already been together ever since. Even if she actually does get a hold of by herself single once more later on, we’ve all needed to place our very own dreams associated with Cornflake woman trailing, because seems her attraction is the only homosexual thing about this lady.

Rachel Weisz

Would youn’t have something when it comes to oh-so-sensual Rachel Weisz? British bombshell features constantly had lesbian appeal but never moreso than in modern times in ”

The Favorite”

and ”


.” Yes, that’s when Weisz turned all of it as much as 11, but sadly this is not happening in actuality. In some way, Daniel Craig put a ring on it last year features been able to keep the ageless charm happy since that time. But hey, assuming that she keeps dealing with functions like the woman last few, we could try to check past it.

Sandra Oh

“The Killing Eve”

celebrity may discuss an abundance of on-screen biochemistry making use of the hazardous Villanelle, but that does not mean it results in an off-screen romance. In interviews,

Oh has actually raised that their particular biochemistry

isn’t even the kind that individuals desire. The previous

Grey’s Anatomy

actress is pretty tight-lipped about the woman romantic life, but discover so far zero evidences that she actually is playing for our staff in just about any which way. All we understand is she had been married (to one) for three many years and contains already been peaceful about her relationship since. Still, you had consider if she happened to be actually some queer, she’d possibly accept exactly what it would mean to audiences having their fictional character end up being a little lezzie, right?

Natasha Lyonne

Alright, ‘Tasha. Something with you still holding challenging your own hetero card? Your ex exactly who turned into an immediate icon in ”

But I’m A Cheerleader”

whom afterwards turned into probably the most freely sexual (and hot) performers of them all is actually, sadly, nonetheless not homosexual. Just a couple of years back, she once more updated the world

she was not queer

(although she about confessed to trying to rest with feamales in yesteryear, for whatever that’s value). Lyonne is now combined with Fred Armisen (yeah, I know), but we’ll see just what the near future holds for former-”


celebrity who is continuously on every queer girls head.

Blake Lively

Some of us have now been pursuing the impossibly beautiful Blake vibrant since her days on

“Gossip Woman

.” Other individuals fell difficult for her in her own gayest role previously opposite Anna Kendrik in ”

A Straightforward Benefit

.” But despite Lively’s ability to rock and roll an electrical match including wallet see, phrase is she is maybe not queer at all. In fact, vibrant is hitched to and it has three kids with Ryan Reynolds, but we are able to nevertheless think of an alternative world where she and (the sexually liquid) Kendrik make it work well, correct?

Brett Butler

Exactly how is actually Brett Butler about number? Those of us exactly who spent my youth during the 90s fondly recall the deep-voiced comedienne and celebrity of ”

Grace Under Flames

,” and I learn I’m not alone in having thought she was actually gay as all get-out. However, if you will do a little bit of perusing online, viewers you’ll find nothing to remotely suggest Butler is actually in any manner an Ani Difranco follower, as they say. Butler’s already been hitched two times, both occasions to guys, possesses not ever been proven to day females however, generally there you really have it.

Whoopi Goldberg

Speaking of celebrities have been huge for the ‘90s, it seems that Whoopi Goldberg can not batting for our group. Yep, yes it’s true. Goldberg provides even addressed the rumors (as well as the simple fact that despite getting directly she stays a gay icon) in

numerous interviews

. While unmarried nowadays, the star was hitched three times (and indeed, all to males), and has never when already been linked romantically to a lady, so reckon that concludes that.

Busy Philipps

Many of us spent my youth with crushes on ”

Dawson’s Creek”

and ”

Freaks and Geeks”

lovable actor Active Phillips. As well as in fact, there had been even hearsay revolving around the girl and ”


co-star Michelle Williams. Nevertheless, Phillips is remarkably directly. She is the kind of straight that straight up lets you know, ”

Yes, i am straight.”

Indicating there’s absolutely no speculating about further. Imagine our favorite ”

Cougar community” king

will need to continue to be thus within our fantasies.

Salma Hayek

Undoubtedly individuals gay and directly alike have now been fantasizing over Salma Hayek since that table party in ”

From Dusk Til Dawn

,” but she obtained over much more queer minds after accepting the part of significant bisexual musician Frida Kahlo inside the film ”


.” Sadly, in recent times, Hayek has come out to share the

dreadful darkside to this sapphic scene

(screw you, Harvey Weinstein) features almost been

verified is strictly straight

. As much as everyone knows, the Salma of our ambitions just is present as an

animated lesbian taco